Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Entre soleil et lune // china ink and acrylique on kraft paper reinforced on wood // 120x240 cm // by L. Ghorayeb & M. Kerbaj 2010

a 4 hands exhibit with lebanese painter laure ghorayeb (who also happen to be my mother)

is finally ONLINE !!!

dear friends,
for all of you who missed this exhibit that took place in beirut in march-april 2010, i finally uploaded ALL the drawings/paintings on my flickr page. the photos are not great, but they show at least what this quite unique experience gave birth to.
here's the link to the set (to enlarge a photo, first click on it than click the "all sizes" button that appears above it):

(by the way, if you are filthy rich and/or you are looking for a good investment for the future of your kids, some of the paintings are still available for sale. please send an email for more info about any piece you are interested in)


Blogger Ana Bande said...

Bien Mazen, has vuelto!

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