Tuesday, December 12, 2006


you have your lebanon

and they have their's

and i am forbidden from a lebanon

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Blogger laure ghorayeb said...

il semble qu'il y a au moins 1 million d'interdits de séjour comme toi.
j'aime' cette tête écrasée entre les deux fractions de citoyens.

2:01 AM  
Blogger boumb said...

Ask yourself what Lebanon do you really want ...

Then ask yourself : Can the actual governement take me to the Lebanon I really want?

If no ...
Then maybe the opposition can
Have you ever tried it?
I never tried it.

Is it worth it?
Can anybody be worse than the actual governement?

If no than it deserves a try

2:04 AM  
Blogger mazen said...

my dear boumb,

i do not want ANY lebanon.
and i do not want neither to pay any price to see which lebanon others than me want.

that the government is shitty i think nobody doubts.
if it can be worst? i think nobody can predict. and i go from the logic that IT CAN ALWAYS be worst (history proved this many times).

anyways, even if i share some of the requests of the opposition, i do not really believe that they'll bring the miracle solutions they are talking about.

in short, i do not accept ANY of ALL the so-called LEADERS of this country and what they are proposing. i'll continue being AGAINST everybody and keep my sense of critic, until somebody PROVES that he is worth it. with real acts and not just the usual nice chat every leader has developped for himself (on this subject, and if i was less sceptical and more idealistic, i would surely enter the hizb after hearing each speech by hassan nasrallah).

last, my solution for a better future:
FUCK EVERYBODY, stay at home, and try to find enough money to pay your rent and your kid's school.

cheap solution i know, but we live in a cheap country/world.

3:18 AM  
Blogger Tom Raworth said...

Well said, Mazen.

7:58 AM  
Blogger kerblee said...

Meez, hopefully the Lebanon we want will come out of all this. One should not stop believing & hoping.

11:10 AM  
Blogger savonaroll said...

I agree neither the government nor the opposition can take us to the Lebanon we want. But this is not the issue here.
The issue is to have both parties in the governement instead of a one-sided hegemony.
We all know how dangerous a hegemony can be.

2:03 PM  
Blogger savonaroll said...


2:03 PM  
Blogger boumb said...


J'aime ta posture de petit elitiste qui ne veut pas risquer de se salir les mains mais qui veut participer à la recolte.

"FUCK EVERYBODY, stay at home" ... C'est quoi ca? le 11eme commandement?

Pour finir, of course "we live in a cheap world" si on va rester les bras croisés pester contre tout le monde et rien risquer...

6:11 PM  
Blogger mazen said...


ou bien tu es un petit comique qui ne distingue pas les tonalités de gris entre le noir et le blanc, ou bien tu fais semblant de ne pas comprendre pour des raisons qui m'échappent.

il me semble avoir été clair que la récolte dont tu parles (et sur la nature de laquelle personne n'est sûr, pas même ceux qui la sèment) NE M'INTERESSE EN AUCUN CAS.

quant à tes considérations sur mon élitisme et la propreté de mes mains, je m'en contrefous.
les petites frappes qui donnent des leçons aux autres pour s'auto-convaincre qu'ils se salissent les mains pour la bonne cause, m'intéressent moyen ces jours-ci.

10:42 PM  
Blogger mazen said...

i totally agree with you (even if i always laugh when i hear the paradoxal formula "consensual democracy") that a hegemony is frightening, especially this one.
but some funny guys (most of them actually) always try to convince you that they are doing a revolution and changing the world and that you should thank them for doing it for you. they want to bring you a new lebanon. i am fed up with this crappy nationalistic and patriot claims.

11:18 PM  
Blogger elitastar said...

Je lis, mazen. Par un fois je ne suis pas d´acord avec toi (ni avec Voltaire dans le Candide). la solution n´est pas reste dans la maison, la commodité abrute. Seulement si tu dessines, tu peut reste chez toi,jj.

Merci toujours par tes dessins et mots, et pardon par mon français.

Salut et courage a tout!

12:15 AM  

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