Sunday, October 08, 2006


some news in disorder:

1- handwork:

the warblog finally found a publisher for the french version. the publisher is l'association and the book should be out in january or february 2007.
i should look for publishers in other languages, but with my legendary lazyness, i am waiting for the publishers to find it themselves.

the video-animation project (passing time / a family tree) is in editing phase. i will try to record the music during my residency at STEIM in amsterdam. ideally, it should finnish around november. i am not sure where it will be showed/published yet.

the blog is continuing (as you can see!) with the drawings of my notebooks. it is updated more or less regularely (let's say 3 times a week). the good news is that we are finally alone. i went on the statistic site lately and it shows that the visits dropped to 200 per day (v/s 5000 during the war).
i think i still can do better.

2- lungwork:

there is two concerts in the upcoming weeks in beirut
first one is a trio with charbel haber and raed yassin, and the second is the grendizer trio playing the july's war project.

and 2 concerts in europe
first in duo with sharif sehnaoui in paris
second in STEIM amsterdam, in solo and with guests (sehnaoui, michel waisvisz and MTBA)

more infos about the concerts

3- and the rest

2 links (1, 2) to some photos from our gigs in stockholm
a link to a nice article about the blog


Blogger billfish said...

Hi Mazen,
nice links, nice article. I too have noticed that many of the voices who spoke during the war have fallen silent. Maybe you should change the name of your blog to "short attention span theater". I'm new to this blogging thing, sort of an old dog trying to learn new tricks, but I enjoy your very personal, oft moving, sometimes painful observations by way of the written word or, more often, a poigniant drawing that sucks one into your reality. As long as human beings have the capacity to contemplate and empathise, there is a place and purpose for people like you and I, in this grand exchange of ideas and thoughts we call the human experience. I wish you peace

3:08 AM  
Blogger laure ghorayeb said...

chou hayda?
ces misesz au point étaient nécéssaires,même avec mon anglais trébuchant j'ai compris le message.
je crois que ce billie te dit veut que tu tournes la page comme si cette période de guerre était définitivement terminé toute manière,tu le dis dans ton texte quand l'intêtet a baissé de 5000 à 200.
oeut-on couper avec un passé récent aussi éprouvant sans transition?je me le demande.quand arrivera le temps de la réconcilition avec soi et la paix intérieure,alors là c'est le déclic qui instaure la coupure définitive,sauf que ça reste,à jamais,dans la mémoire collective.
j'ai fait plusieurs guerres,je ne les ai pas oubliées mais elles ne font plus mal comme si elles coupaient la chair sur lr vif.
naharaq saïd mazen

9:35 AM  
Blogger vanessalala said...

salut mazen,
vraiment contente pour la publication du bouquin,enfin du renouveau dans les manuels d'Histoire,ça ne fera pas de mal et puis reconnaissance de ton talent,c'est bien.contente aussi parce que je ne me lasserai jamais du support papier...
sinon moins de monde sur ton blog,mais là où les gens venaient aux nouvelles période juillet-août,ils viennent désormais pour le plaisir des yeux (plus forcément quotidiennement)...ce qui ne veut pas dire que la guerre n'est qu'un vieux souvenir rangé au rayon "reliques oubliées".
pour tes poumons,entretiens les,j'espère avoir un jour le plaisir d'en faire profiter mes oreilles...
à plus

6:05 PM  
Blogger the rambler said...

Congratulations on being found by a publisher Mazen. I hope more stumble across your brilliance. As for the drop in visitor numbers, there's always a crisis or 3 to divert our very short attention spans, at least temporarily. Blow them away at your concerts (bad luck for me that I can't be at any of them...). maha

5:18 AM  
Blogger udo moll said...

well, mazen,
i dont think you ´ll make it dropping the visitor numbers under, lets say, 85, even if you try very hard :-)

anyway, i am still with you, dropping in every other day or so. tomorrow i will travel to switzerland to get my brandnew swiss-made trumpet after waiting 9 months for it. now that will be GREAT.

best wishes from cologne


12:57 PM  
Blogger illusion of progress said...

Hi Mazen:

I'm waiting for a publisher to release all of the comments that you deleted from your blog during the war. I need a good laugh!

5:59 PM  
Blogger mazen said...

hello friends,
i am actually working very hard to arrive to the symbolic number of 1 (one) visitor per day.
i actually was freaking out to have so many "friends" at some point. pretty hardcore. i passed the second half of my short life to get rid of the friends i made in the first half.

udo you're a lucky fuck! i am trying badly to get a new trumpet. i wanted to buy one druing my cancelled usa tour of this summer. i suspect ehud olmert to have done it on purpose so i cannot have a better sound than his airplanes. my trumpet is still holding on thanks to half a roll of adhesive tape (it's a trick that showed me matt davis - do you know this great english trumpet player?)

michael you should pass again in the upcoming days. there is some drawings made while listening to our duo session. there is also a (bad) drawing of the (good) idea for the cover of the cd. i hope you'll like it. it's the only way to avoid the title to sound cheesy in beirut.

last, a personnal message for bill: i am also totally new to "blogging" (aaaah how much ican hate this word). i actually never visited a blog before the war. i am probably like you: a paper freak! i am very glad that the drawings found a publisher in france. in a book, they'll finally be able to rest in peace. they feel bad on the blog i think. nobody can touch them!

i should one day find some time to talk about this good-bad experience of having done this blog.

11:32 PM  
Anonymous annabanana said...

War is hell, but if it weren't for the war and the links...I never would have seen your stuff. My computer plays music only fitfully, so I haven't listened to your music.

I suppose I shouldn't say this, but you Beirutis do remind me of the Sarajevans, back in the day and now...

Thanks to that war, I got to hear Dino Merlin (Evdin Dervishalidivic) blow the world away with his music, his poetry, and his soul for several hours in Club Blis, Long Island City, New York, NY.

Ah Bosnia! O Lebanon! Quite frankly, Mazen, if you don't want to see your multi-cultural Lebanese universe collapse, get yourselves an
army-better yet, an air force.

A couple of barely used Syrian Migs...

Think about it.

7:43 AM  
Blogger backenas said...

Alma has sent you another proposal for publishing your drawings. A postcard will maybe arrive at your po box in a year or so...

And...don't buy the a trumpet instead! Maybe one for olmert as well?

10:57 AM  
Blogger billfish said...

Yes Mazen, I'm a "Paper Freak", and although I can't really touch your drawings (yet), they certainly have touched me. Good luck with the Trumpet.

1:57 PM  

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