Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday 27th of august 2006

that’s it.
it’s over.
the book is finished.
me too.
i didn’t draw today.
i didn’t watch tv.
i didn’t think.
i didn’t.
i did nothing.
i am preparing myself to leave tomorrow for a 10 days tour in sweden and norway.
my first “break”. how is it now in sweden? i thought for a moment that it’s going to be funny to be in a place where we won’t speak about the war for a couple of days. actually we won’t speak of something else. will the swedish airport security like my beard?
shift the brain.
the war is over.
they said.
the next one will take a moment to come.
shift the brain.
the holydays are over.
you’re going to work.
you are a musician.
go clean your trumpet.
pack your crap.
forget about it.
that's it.
fill your time now.


Blogger tropish said...

When the war was begining somebody said "don´t give up, keep on drawing and playing, life goes on", and now that the war has ended, it´s the same.
Don´t change, true warriors never rest.

2:49 AM  

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