Tuesday, August 08, 2006

a poor kitten

a poor kitten
today, in nayla's garden, a 2 or 3 days old kitten.

"you are lucky not to know that you are born in lebanon."


Blogger lindsay (richmond, va) said...


Some Americans are trying to do something useful. I don't know if a protest really is useful, but I thought you might want to know.

2:56 AM  
Blogger For ever free said...

Hi, this is a petition for an International Tribunal of War Crimes against Israel. Please find the time to read it and sign it. It is pretty urgent, as you all surely know.


2:59 AM  
Blogger BeeAhn said...

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3:04 AM  
Blogger Marvin the Martian said...

Ya3ne schyzophrenia indeed..men shi 3achre da'ayik kenet ra7 ballich bel beke hala' 3am bedhak.

Man, you're good, big time.

3:12 AM  
Blogger BeeAhn said...

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3:45 AM  
Blogger Ostfen said...

I think we all should be very proud to be born in Lebanon, including the kittens among us.

3:52 AM  
Blogger BeeAhn said...

I wrote comment and delete because mis-spelling words. Cheer Up, I am korean, located North Asia.Cheer Up please, you are not alone. I seem to feel your fear. I don't experience it but our nation did war 55 years ago and Our nation Only take a rest war.

I am a programmer and mom of two baby. I want to help you.. but how about ? please reply me

4:11 AM  
Blogger For ever free said...

I happened to bump into this video. Mazen, find the time to watch it... I feel this is gonna to cheer you up a bit. Love you very much.

4:35 AM  
Blogger Periodistas said...

Pilotos israelies se niegan a disparar sobre objetivos marcados por el mando

Israeli pilots 'deliberately miss' targets.

Israel. The Observer

http:// periodistasenguerra.blogspot.com/

6:05 AM  
Blogger billfish said...

Deep down I know you're right, but the kitten's fate could have been much worse. She could have been born here in America, where you are disposable unless you earn a 6 figure salary, vote republican, and go to church every sunday to beg forgiveness for the sins you have perpetrated the week before. Considering the erosion of rights, the lies, and the marginalisation of the middle class here, I wonder what has become of the America I love, and I ponder the question if you and the kitten are not better off in Beirut. At least there you can see where the bombs are coming from, it seems much more subtle and insidious here. I ask you to keep the faith, even as I am losing my own.

6:26 AM  
Blogger Marie-Christine said...

Puis-je l'adopter?

Je t'embrasse :)

7:05 AM  
Blogger B.O.B. (brazen old broad) said...

I have also been worried about the poor animals in Lebanon. They must be so frightened as well. Mazen, please make sure the wee kitten has water and if possible something to eat. Stay as safe as possible please!

Audrey Regan
and family
New York City

9:08 AM  
Blogger vanessalala said...

I just want to congratulate you for this blog,I just want to send you and all the lebanese people courage and hope,and I just want to add that I will never understand why politic seems to be bigger than life...

10:19 AM  
Blogger vanessalala said...

I just want to congratulate you for this blog,I just want to send you and all the lebanese people courage and hope,and I just want to add that I will never understand why politic seems to be bigger than life...

10:22 AM  
Blogger heinz said...

Good day Mazen.
Happy to see that you're feeling better than yesterday!!!

Every day's a new day. Eventually it will stop. Then Lebanon will need all of its people.

Hold on.

11:14 AM  
Blogger Delia said...

Don't say words you'd regret later. Being born in Lebanon is not a curse. And soon u'll be one of the bbrave who will make Beirut live again, shinnier than ever.

11:52 AM  
Blogger Augustine said...

I'm so glad to have found your site via a link from another one. I love your "comics" (not comical), your spirit and your talent. Would it be possible for you to post larger visuals? Parfois c'est difficile de lire les mots si petits. Je t'envoie du courage et de l'espoir et de l'amitiée.

12:03 PM  
Blogger JF REBORA said...

Dear All, Dear Mazen,

Until yesterday, I did not know about your blog. I did not know as well about the other blogs and messages sent by so many persons around the world regarding the current situation in Lebanon. I am also very impressed by the courage of the ones in Lebanon who despite the bombs peacefully resist. I am also happy and more than proud to see that a chain of communication stands with the other courageous ones in Israel (I am sure that they are more than many) who are also still victims of the situation, but still giving the hand and fighting for Peace.

Thanks, it is giving Hope.

It is obvious that we are all of us motivated by something which goes beyond politics, our national interest or our particular interest.

I am sincerely convinced that the developments of what is happening currently in Lebanon is going to have from now a definite impact about the way that we are going to handle the relationship between all of us, regardless of our origin, our nationality, our colour, our religion and our political aspiration.

In my opinion, the resistance against the War and the fight for Peace goes far beyond the regional aspects of the conflict.

The fight for Peace in Lebanon is a fight for Peace for all the rest of the world.

This resistance and this fight for Peace are necessary if we still consider that Dignity distinguishes us from other animals' species.
Ok for Mazen and any other artists, I also confirm that as long as a monkey will not be able to express one way or another the bottom of his mind and the colour of his dram, some differences will still stand between humans and other animals' species.

I am entirely convinced that if we resign and let entirely the next developments to be handled without any pressure onto our respective governmental representatives, it means that War will remain a permanent threat for the world and the sole way to dictate its own rules.

With this type of logic, difference will start being an abnormality... Needless to state what will happen...

It means that we will all be leaving with this fear and we all refuse to make choice and take decisions just because we would be worry that the ones who are stronger than us, more armed than us will be always the one at the end of the day who decide.

It is not my life's project. It is not the life's project I wish to give for my kids and for any other kids of this word.

I do not think to be the only one.

We are all here watching TV or listening news and counting the deaths in Lebanon and asking ourselves what we could do to stop this War.

It might be the right time to start coordinating the various peaceful action already launched by all persons who move forward for the Peace.

I know nothing about how to create a blog and how to ensure that a message could go through the worldwide network.

My idea is that we should start creating a web petition which should go around the world and be copied to the Secretary of the United Nations and copied to all the governmental chiefs pretending to be decision makers in respect of this conflict as well as ones from other countries who had during the world history already pay a large tribute due to War.

I do not deny that this idea is may be naive but naivety is the blood of our dream and without dream, the first one who became human would have already understood that less life equals less pain.

I suggest the following text which is the less partial ones and general enough to be signed:
" Mr the General Secretary of the United Nations,

We are all citizens of this planet call Earth.

Some of us are nationals of countries, members of the United Nations.

Some of us do not have the same origin, colour, religion or political aspiration,

Some of us do not have the same analysis in respect of the current conflict and its reason and consequences,

Some of us know perfectly that even if Israel stops bombing the South of Lebanon and leaves Lebanon, it is almost certain that the Hezbollah will be still sending rockets and kills other innocent victims.

Some of us condemn the most vehmently possible by anticipation the Hezbollah for such probable but unjustified and unacceptable attacks,


Most of us however consider that Israel has currently in its hands the future of the Principles which had been at the origin of the creation of the Organisation you preside,

Most of us, consider that such Principles have permitted so far, at least and even if to a far reduced extent than initially desired, to avoid danger which could have been final for our Planet,

Most of us consider that there is still a lot to do in order to improve the general situation of the human kind on Earth before our respective death,

Most of us strongly believe that is our duty to ensure that the future of the world is not shaped only by few of us,

It is the reason why,

All of us have the same demand:

A cessez le feu shall be immediately imposed onto Israel and the last proposal made by the State of Lebanon shall be supported because it is not only the way for the Peace but
before all, it is the voice of the World.

I do not have the address of all the persons mentioned above, but I do assume that some of you may help. I am currently at work and I will check replies on my personal email address.

Mes pensées vous accompagnent,


1:59 PM  
Blogger Paul Illek said...

Hi Mazen
Glad you're through another night.The drawings are getting better - if that is possible.
I told a Romanian artist/cartoonist about you - Dan thinks you're great

I was thinking that for the rest of us - outside Lebanon - we are just shouting at the TV news: the people of Lebanon ARE news. And those with power:
hear nothing.
Raise the decibels

2:20 PM  
Blogger Hergie said...

Mon grand-père paternel était libanais et épousa une Mexicaine.
Mon père libano-mexicain nacquit au Mexique et fut élevé à Cuba.
Mon grand-père maternel nacquit aux iles Canaries et épousa une Cubaine.
Ma mère nacquit à Cuba, vécut aux Iles Canaries durant la guerre d'Espagne, retourna à Cuba, vécut à Paris, en Italie et de nouveau à Paris.
Je suis née à Paris, ai été élevée à Cuba, en Italie, en France.
Comment faire pour que nos vies puissent suivre les itinéraires qu'elles choisissent, pour qu'elles puissent prendre des chemins qui ne soient pas parsemés de bombes, à aucun endroit du monde.
Comment faire pour que, citoyens du Monde que nous sommes tous, nous puissions circuler, libres et en paix, dans ce monde?
Aidons-nous, cherchons, trouvons, créons, soyons solidaires!
Courage au Kerblog, poursuivez!

2:29 PM  
Blogger Hergie said...

Pour nous joindre, nous rejoindre, échanger, créer des liens, des idées, agir, être solidaires... ne restons pas chacun dans son coin à assister, passifs, à ce qui écrase d'autres êtres humains et nous écrase donc aussi.

Mon contact: http://ada-hergie.blogspot.com

2:33 PM  
Blogger fleur said...

je pense que parfois ce que tu mets sur ton blog est un peu gonfle...
essaye d'etre un peu plus realiste de tps en tps je crois que ca t'irai mieux.
mais j'avoue aussi que parfois c'est bien.
malgre tout je fais la promotion de ton blog parce que tout travaille devrait etre payant

4:53 PM  
Blogger penultimo said...

http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/5317/3490/320/32023.jpg-This man- of the link- was alone!
Isn't this a tested method,in peace,to stop an attack? Why not in Lebanon or Palestine too, by some thousands and thousands people coming there to help our brothers, of course with hundreds of retinue reporters to fix the immages. Or is so difficult reach those areas? Isn't nosense staing here or there, hidden drinkink, takink sun, hearing musik and only commenting the massacre? Let stop them before, they take all of us!

5:37 PM  
Blogger Jackie Yu said...

Save your energy. Internet petitions don't do anything. To have any impact you have to write to whoever represents you in your national government. Maybe a phone call will also work if you can get through. These are the only kinds of communications that get noticed.

6:11 PM  
Blogger Jackie Yu said...

You asked us to download and save your work so I am doing that (I am sure many many people are doing it, too) and sharing it with others. I just wanted you to know that it is being saved, probably all over the world.

It is important to be a witness. To say: This is what happened. This is what it was like. I saw this myself. Your project reminds me of Goya. His "Disasters of War" drawings.

6:17 PM  
Blogger CirCe said...

This is a wonderful draw!!!
I new poster in my house!!

At least the cat not know nothing about war.

Animals do not do war.

kiss love hug & peace my friend

7:01 PM  
Blogger poulette said...

Hi Mazen.
Les petits chats naissent eux aussi, même en temps de guerre, parce que plus fort que tout, la vie continue, les enfants naissent, grandissent, les dessinateurs dessinent, même sous les bombes.

7:59 PM  
Blogger penultimo said...

hi Foreverfree, still not yet get in use de P.C.? Where Should I contact You? In Your blog there is a phantom going around.ciao

8:26 PM  
Blogger Kimsky said...

Thanx for your work !!

have you heard of the civil resistance to take place august 12th


could be interesting !!!

p.s. my blog


8:33 PM  
Blogger Nelly Rapetto said...

je t'ai vu parler sur arte.
c'était comme ouvrir une fenêtre et voir un ami qui apparait , quelqu'un qu'on ne connait pas et quon reconnait pourtant. cette fenêtre était tout prêt de là où je suis, sauf que moi je n'ai pas à avoir peur la nuit, du bruit des bombes qui tombent.
mais tu as une amie, que tu ne connais pas, de l'autre côté de la fenêtre.

9:53 PM  
Blogger Riccardo Fiume said...

A "must watch it"
George Galloway at Sky News

10:06 PM  
Blogger marjji said...

Hi Mazen,
Je voulais juste te dire que je pense à toi et à tous les libanais. Je suis en colère, très triste et je me sens affreusement impuissante. Ton travail est formidable. Je tente de le faire connaître autour de moi.
Tiens bon mon ami!
Je t'embrasse.

10:09 PM  
Blogger fleur said...

j'attends ta reponse

10:36 PM  
Blogger Μαύρος Γάτος said...


11:00 PM  
Blogger penultimo said...

Libano, guerra produce anche disastro ambientale - agenzia Onu
martedì, 8 agosto 2006 4.12
ROMA (Reuters) - La guerra in corso in Libano da quasi un mese tra Israele e le milizie Hezbollah non sta producendo solo la perdita di centinaia di vite umane e la distruzione di infrastrutture ed edifici, ma rischia anche di causare un disastro ecologico sulle coste del Mediterraneo, mentre una macchia di carburante di oltre 120 chilometri di lunghezza ha raggiunto anche le coste siriane. Lo dice oggi in un dossier InfoRac, un ufficio dell'Agenzia ambientale Onu che si occupa della protezione del bacino che divide Europa, Africa e Asia. Il bombardamento della centrale elettrica libanese di Jiyyeh da parte dell'aviazione israeliana a metà luglio, dice InfoRac che cita fonti libanesi, ha provocato la fuoriuscita di 30.000 tonnellate di olio combustibile per impianto energetico, "un cocktail chimico composto di idrocarburi policiclici aromatici, di sostanze come il benzene, il benzopirene, il tuolene, i policlorobifenili che mettono a rischio la salute dell'ambiente e della parte più esposta dei circa tre milioni di esseri umani" che popolano la zona. Secondo InfoRac, le immagini satellitari mostrano che la macchia di carburante fuoriuscito è lunga ora 120 chilometri, e si è allargata alle coste siriane. Ma alcuni dati raccolti dall'agenzia dell'Onu dicono che tracce di olio combustibile sono state individuate anche sulle coste turche e a Cipro. Da domenica scorsa, dice un comunicato, "è in atto una importante moria di pesci lungo le coste libanesi, attribuibile all'inquinamento da carburante e soprattutto all'azione dei prodotti tossici contenuti". La marea nera ha colpito anche un'importante riserva naturale al largo di Tripoli, quella delle isole Palm, Sanani e Ramina, protetta dalla Convezione di Barcellona sul Mediterraneo. InfoRac teme anche che il bombardamento della centrale di Jiyyeh possa aver causato "una nube inquinante su un'area densamente abitata", ma aggiunge che "a questo proposito mancano totalmente le informazioni necessarie". Certo è invece per i ricercatori il pericolo di "aumento del rischio cancerogeno" a cui è esposta la popolazione delle zone costiere di Libano e Siria invase dal carburante.Cos'altro ancora nel ns/ MEDITERRANEO? C'è molto ancora SignoreIddio, per fermare l'inizio della fine?

11:50 PM  
Blogger JF REBORA said...

Good evening every one,
Bonsoir Mazen,

I have now undertsood how to register a mail on your blog... No comments, I am never been very handy with my fingers...

1° For the one who are lucky enough to be in France, please read below it may be of some help.

Faire suivre ce mail.

Nous vous prions de faire circuler cet appel:

Nous sommes un regroupement de personnes, amis du Liban, Libanais, citoyens français d’horizons culturels et politiques divers, souhaitant au-delà de toutes nos divergences, en solidarité avec la population libanaise, nous rassembler et faire écho aux appels de Marcel Khalifé « artiste de la paix » pour l’UNESCO, Nidal Al Achkar, directrice et fondatrice du Théâtre al Madina à Beyrouth (Théâtre de la Ville), et des artistes et cinéastes libanais.

Parce que nous voulons redonner au mot paix, vidé de son sens, toute sa plénitude et son intégrité, parce que nous voulons croire qu’une humanité pacifiée est la seule voix qui nous permette de nous reconnaître et d’apprendre à vivre ensemble, nous vous invitons, artistes, intellectuels, hommes et femmes de bonne volonté, touchés par le drame qui se déroule sous vos yeux, dans l’indifférence générale et le mutisme de nos dirigeants, à nous rejoindre :

Jeudi 10 Août 2006 à 18H00

Champ de Mars, au pied de la Tour Eiffel

pour un rassemblement pacifique et apolitique sous un seul signe

un drapeau libanais de 60 M2 minimum (en cours de fabrication)

Sur le drapeau, le cèdre brisé et une seule inscription : LA PAIX !

Pas d’autre mot d’ordre pas d’autre signe d’appartenance politique ou syndicale.

contact : paixauliban@yahoo.fr

2 for Jacky Yu, I have already written to my President ans who has already reply. I did the same with some chiefs of our Parliament, no reply so far... I think that Paul Illek is right when he writes, we have to raise the decibels.

3° Pour Mazen, courage, ton chaton s'appele Espoir c'est le souffle de notre vie, tes dessins sont " le sel qui désarme le temps" des enfants du Liban de Khalil Gebran.
Jean François REBORA

12:11 AM  
Blogger penultimo said...

A present to kerbay and Lebanes and Palestinian.

You wrot something about this Man... Remember? I did make it long time ago and at the moment it'd be with the buyer, a very important surgeon from India, may be still living in Sweden, I remember He was a very honest person, that by this, I hope he kan help all in some way from Sweden. I promised You Kerbay, we was about 6.000.000.- coming help libanes people and Palestinians, I confirm very soon we'l be that number. I'm still waiting for, Norwais, Swedens, Danish(without offensives T.shirts), Finlands, Estons,Lituans, I mean all those nord people that for very important matters they take years to help somebody, but for come in Mediterraneo and take our sun they run! Javlar... All of You start a big posting to Kerbay and Mothers from Palestine.You nordist came often to share our sun, our portion of sky, our sands...Now came-on share this time the terrible situation.

1:00 AM  
Blogger mauro biani said...

Cher Mazen,
excuse moi pour mon francaise et pour la répétition du post laissé déjà à Laura.
Je suis avec vous, oui je sais: est tres different parler de l'italie et de roma, mais aussi avec mon travaille de cartoonist je cherche d'informer tout le monde de la tragedie in Libano. Je t'embrasse et je pense que je parlerai de toi e de ton travaille (et de Laura)sur mon blog.
Maintenant te laisse un comics-post dédié a tous les monde de Libano, tres amer satirique, mais beaucoup senti:
(la didascalie dit: " sondages : positions de je peuple libanese") Courage vraiment,
Mauro Biani

1:19 AM  
Blogger Keir said...

Mazen, your ability to keep producing good work is astounding.

Regarding petitions and protests...I posted a link here the other day to get people far from Lebanon thinking about creative ways they could work against the violence. Here it is again, just to encourage ideas.

2:54 AM  
Blogger Ahmed said...

today we are all lebanese.

we will soon come to beirut, clean up the beaches, heal the wounds, rebuild the homes and bridges...and celebrate the human spirit and resistance of the lebanese people. hang in there!

nous sommes avec vous!
ahmed, toronto

6:14 AM  
Blogger paquito.puerco. said...

from argentina, i wish that your art win.

and please, excuse my english.

7:42 AM  
Blogger fee-tastique said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:31 AM  
Blogger fee-tastique said...

heard this horrible news of tonights bombings...
sometimes it's hard not to hate people for this!
hope you're ok

10:35 AM  
Blogger sigri said...

hi there mazen.
i'm a norwegian journalist and I wonder if it is possible to use some of your drawings in my paper? I also wonder if you have an e-mail-adress som I can ask you some questions? thank you. sigri

11:05 AM  
Blogger Susanne said...

Many here in Norway read this blog and on friday one of Mazens drawings figured in a national newspaper here, Morgenbladet. On saturday here in Bergen 500 people were demonstrating in the streets against the israeli bombings. These numbers are very small, that is true - I don't have any impressive figures to post or grand actions to report, I can only say for myself that me and my friends here follow the news closely and feel great frustration and need to help stop this destruction of Libanon and the constant threat to the civilians there.

I have friends in Sweden, one of them is the poet Magnus William-Olsson and this is an e-mail I got from him last week:

Dear Friends

Al Madina Theatre at the center of Beirut has been a vibrant space where leading Arab artists create theatre and cultural activism on a day to day basis. After this most recent war on Lebanon on July 12th 2006 Al Madina Theatre became a home for a number of displaced families and an activity center for hundreds of children all over Beirut.

The Arab Resource Center for Popular Arts & Al-Madina Theatre in addition to numerous volunteers, have been working on alleviating difficulties faced by children in this latest trauma. Within this framework outreach work has focused on bringing children in from surrounding neighborhoods along with those already residing in Al Madina Theatre to partake in creative activities designed to ease their trauma.

This letter is a plea to all our friends in solidarity to help us help those most in need. Numerous non-governmental organizations are trying to do crucial outreach work and are in dire need of direct financial support. Al Madina Theatre along with the Arab Resource Center for Popular Arts desperately need to ensure fuel for the electricity engine, clothes and food and child activity supplies. Please wire the amount you can contribute to the following Bank Account Numbers: Beirut: Moa'taz Dajani: Arab Resource Center for Popular Arts, mobile 00-961-383-9996 Email: arcpa@cyberia.net.lb Arab Bank: Account number: 612-879-810 Mazraa Branch, Lebanon. Mona Knio: Al Madina Theatre, mobile 00-961-359-1433 Email: mknio@lau.edu.lb C/O Massrah Al Madina HSBC: 003-071-750040 Swift code BBMELBBX Ras Beirut Branch, Lebanon.

For more information you can contact in Amman: Raed Asfour: Massrah Al Balad, mobile 00-962-79-5540049 Email: raed@arabttc.org Dina Abu Hamdan: Haya Cultural Center, mobile: 00-962-777-208033 Email: hayac@go.com.jo Samar Dudin: The Creative Network Initiative, mobile: 00-962-777-967777 Email: smdudin@batelco.jo.

Please respond with any amount you can contribute. Please help us help the children.

11:45 AM  
Blogger zouzou said...

non mazen, c'est pas vrai ca!
jtassure que meme les bébés tétards nés dans les ptites fuites d'eau sont fiers de naitre au Liban..
a mon avis, le Liban est un pays à comprendre: c'est un pays ou les guerres se succedent indéfiniment, c'est un pays ou il faut cohabiter les chuttes économiques et meme parfois la pauvreté et autres..
sans tout ca, le Liban n'est plus Liban..

11:51 AM  
Blogger Lirun said...


i dont agree with you.. the roller coaster of past and present may represent history but i wish for lebanon a peaceful future where it can restore its glory as the jewel of the crown of the eastern mediterranean..

kerblogger - you are a magician.. making lemonade out of a crazy lemon.. god bless you


12:06 PM  
Blogger roju said...

Bonjour de Paris, pour encore un moment. Y a des manifs, plus en plus grands, tous les jours maintenant. J'irai encore à celui de jeudi.

Des nouvelles de Helsinki, ou je retournerai bientot:


Photos des manifs etc. et parfois des textes en anglais.

C'est un blog tenu par un ONG avec qui World Comics (ou je suis activiste) à co-operé en Liban l'année derniere On devait y retourner cet été - on reviendrai! www.worldcomics.fi

1:12 PM  
Blogger Thierry Madiot said...

Salut Mazen,
justement puisque tu fus sous les ficus de Nayla, elle fait passer ce message

"Salut a vous tous.

Vous savez le drame que des centaines de
milliers de libanais vivent. ils sont refugies dans les ecoles
autour de nous et sont demunis de tout. nous essayons de leur
assurer leur nourriture, du lait, des medicaments, ainsi que le
minimum hygienique. nous avons calcule que le besoin quotidien,
par famille, est de 10 dollars.

Ceux d'entre vous qui aimeraient aider, peuvent envoyer leur don a la banque SGBL, au numero de compte suivant:
001-004-361-236446-01-3. au nom de maurice joreige.
voici le code SWIFT: SGLILBBX toute somme est la bienvenue.

Passez ce message autour de vous et, pour diminuer les frais d'envoi, vous pouvez rassembler les sommes.
Bon travail !

Merci d'avance a tous.


11:28 PM  

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