Saturday, August 05, 2006

nothing better to do

nothing better to do


Blogger orangeblossom said...

some people do make a difference in this world. You do Mazen.

2:49 AM  
Blogger angryanddevastated said...

mazen this is one of my favourites. it gives me, in my safe living room, the impression of an emotional understanding.
went demonstrating again, more and more people are saying their disgust of this unfair, illegal war. good, it gives me a bit of hope for humanity, there are still human beings out there, money hasn't eaten all the western brains...
I want to see an end to these wars, mazen, do you think there is hope that we'll see that one day? silly question, but keeps coming to my mind.
let me quote one my favourite piece of theatre, you might have read it, it was written in Lebanon in 97...
sorry it's in french, but i'm working on the translation as we speak.

"malédiction sur toi malédiction
homme de la guerre
et donc malédiction sur l'homme
et malédiction sur nous
sur notre engeance
si nous oublions un instant
la tete du nouveau-né écarté par la hache
l'enfant caché dans la fosse des chiottes
la femme au vagin déchiré par le canon d'un fusil
le vieillard rompu comme un bois sec
malheur sur nous malédiction
si nous faisons des ames
belles ames des victimes
un nouvel holocauste au crématoire de l'oubli
assis sur notre cul bourgeois et nous sucant les pouces
homme de la guerre écarte-toi
place au doute au chagrin aux sueurs de la honte
place partout aux ames des victimes
[...]place a la faiblesse du sentiment
place a ceux-la qui continuent d'aimer
sous la torture
place a l'émotion inguérissable d'aimer
et haro sur la force
et sa grandeur
homme de la guerre
mon petit salaud
depuis sept mille ans au bas mot
depuis sept éternités
tu travailles
depuis sept éternités
tu travailles a saigner la chair des hommes
[...] allons c'est assez"

here you are... come on people, be angry! there are far too many reasons for anyone to be very very angry! this war definitely makes me angry. come on, let's get angry all together, let's unite in our anger at injustice and the deaths of innocents!!

Mazen thank you for what you do. your drawings are saved on my computer just in case. they are getting seen more and more.
hope you are holding on.
continue mazen courage

3:07 PM  
Blogger angryanddevastated said...

the text is from jean pierre siméon...
important to mention that!
sorry jean pierre

3:08 PM  

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