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here come the stars

here come the stars


Blogger For ever free said...

If we do not find the way to stop it, the stars will eventually start falling all over this planet. Mazen, I have sent an invitation to my friends (each one at a time, to make it more effective) to visit this blog and to spread the voice. Is it something else you may think of to fuel the Webtifada?
I was imagining something else... like a big tide of letters going from country to country. If the Americans and the Israelis are the main supporters and tax-payers of this madness, perhaps if each one of us pick, say, 20 persons at random in those countries and send a full letter to them explaining our view, we could at least open their mind a bit.

5:27 AM  
Blogger mazen said...

nice idea.
actually i cannot see how to use the number of people who are willing to help. it should be all of you who come up with solutions. the idea is ok, we cannot all go to demonstrations everyday. but we can connect at least one time a day to the internet. how to use this connection to the world to do the largest screen demonstration ever? the question is for everybody.

5:37 AM  
Blogger boris said...

I recommend you setup up a painted artistic petition - in form of a strong KERBLOG drawing.

Then you put it online for any individual to print out on a b/w printer and glue on any lamppost, wall, music theaters cashier desk, church, brothel entry - you name it - allover the world

then one online petition to:

1.) sign with name and email address
2.) then forward to a politician living the petitioners area I could search for some Austrian adressees - e.g. in the EU providing a eu comissinariy email adress, in the USA soemone has to find the proper adress there.
3.) some chaps here on the internet are surely clever enough to find a valid email address of reps like Condi, Bush, Koffie Annan, Olmert Assad, Van Heugen, Bruce Willis e.g. to whom that signed petitions may be forwarded.

4.) One guy in or around Brussels would be needed to assemble all signatures to the petition, print it out and send it by snail mail (photos to be taken) to the EU commissary.
5.) to organise all this I would set up a seperate KERBLOG blog to assemble all ideas - the main and most important, superior and overshadowing aim is:

Every idea supplied must be a self runner as we all knew your not able to handle any additional task.

Just my two cents

11:37 AM  
Blogger jo said...

those ideas are good. Until this petition is set, can i print out one of your drawings and have it on a protest tomorrow. I might not make things improve but asking for peace through art is a good way.

3:34 PM  
Blogger For ever free said...

Guys, I am asking people to visit this particular debate, so they can share this ideas, take part of them and/or promote some new approaches. There is something else... again, Mazen, excuse because this is a bit political but I can not help my self and it is very important: I've been doing some research... yesterday I got a bit cheesy when posting a comment to Mazen's drawing about our general guilt but, anyway, something got clear when writing that. The very cause of this madness is fear, which in turn arises from ignorance. Let us say that the israelis indeed are scared at a new Holocaust would be hanging over their heads... why could be that so? Perhaps because Iran's president was accused of having denied the Holocaust last year and of talking about 'sweeping Israel out of the map'? Isn't he the Iranian 'evil-master' behind Hezbollah? What I found in the Information Clearing House ( is that the whole thing was the product of a well-planned, malicious distorsion to get even reasonable people out of their nerves. The actual speech is there, by the way as provided by the New York Times (not 'spicious' sources used) for whom wants to read it. It means, there was a clear plot of the big media, a shouting lie to misguide israeli (and european) public opinion and to cause general hysteria. Here, in BAires, we have the 5th larger jew diaspora in the world and most of them are regularly very reasonable people... but, now is like they have become numbs. So, going to the point: what I propose is writing a letter to the 'kind of decent' newspapers of everyone's country to tell on the criminality of such a negligence (hoping that it was just so and nothing any darker). Every single columnist (I do think they are not all pure evil but mostly negligent) should know that every innocent killed or displaced in this war is also their individual and collective responsability, that their negligence is murderous.
And last but not least, if you guys decide to go on with me with the idea of the letter tide country-to-country, please let a message in my blog... there is nothing there yet but comments are already allowed... so I can prepare some guidelines to make the letters really appealing... that is sort of my speciality. Love you all. Mazen, stay safe, take care and give a big hug from the friends in BAires to your family and friends. I trust we will see ya soon.

4:45 PM  
Blogger b99 said...

I am Italian. I read Primo Levi "SE QUESTO E' UN UOMO" (IF THIS IS A MAN - not sure the title has been translated this way...)
anyway, it was about his terrible experience of the Holocaust in a Nazi camp.
Now, once more, this question comes up to me. IS THIS A MAN?
The parts have somehow changed and those who were once victims, are now the ones who are doing this massacres. So, it's not, it doesnt want to be, a political satement. I just see the human being as very afraid and fragile. No matter today where the responsibilities and guilts are. What really matters to me today, is that insted of looking for justice the way Gandhi did, the world, the entire world is just dropping bombs. And then we see children dying. And we cry. but the point I do want to make clear is thet WE ARE ALL PART of this shame. because Italy, as UK, Germany, Russia, US, anybody, has its own intersts. And we are all part of this world, of these countries.
We are all part of the sick game.
I really feel we, the we that are against all this - should STAND UP FOR THE RIGHT OF BEING FREE AND LEAVING IN PEACE.
Next monday i hope I'll be in Rome to join Amnesty international meeting for a cease-fire.
ciao - take care!, beatrice

6:06 PM  
Blogger For ever free said...

Hi Beatrix,
I liked very much your post but I got the impression that you didn't go quite throughout my comment just behind yours. Perhaps you read to this point: 'Let us say that the israelis indeed are scared at a new Holocaust would be hanging over their heads... why could be that so? Perhaps because Iran's president was accused of having denied the Holocaust last year and of talking about 'sweeping Israel out of the map'? Isn't he the Iranian 'evil-master' behind Hezbollah?' ...
Ok, then you asked not to look for the responsible and said we are all guilty. Your statement is very courageous, no doubt, but if you had have read the rest of the comment, you would have found out why it deserved further attention from you. Look at the people around and you will find that most of them are pretty much misguided. That is pretty frustrating. So, why are they misguided? That is because the mainstream media keep 'shielling' the public opinion with lies all day long, every single day of the week. That was the point of the comment. Iran's is NOT the so-depicted evil-master and a link was offered to go and see through one's own eyes what Iran's president actually said. If you do not go to the ultimate causes of phenomena, you will grow increasingly frustrated but yet not able to offer your fellow citizens a reasonable approach to sustain your arguments. They will see you just a a sweet young lady, well intentioned but kind of lost.
So, again, go to the Information Clearing House and read... not just the paper linked but anything of your fancy. You will leave that site much better informed, surely a much more effective militant of the human cause and perhaps clearer at what to do to stop this mess. Our ignorance is the rep's biggest treasure. Good luck.

8:41 PM  
Blogger kerfroggy said...

i agree with "for ever free" about Iran being not so clearly evil. I was there less than a year ago and discovered a country of paradoxes and nuances. And you can't judge an entire nation and people because of their leaders.*However* their president is clearly loosing it. The ultimate goal of that man is to create chaos because he wants the return (or arrival) of the hidden imam.
Anyway when things get related to beliefs (or should i say ideologies) as strong as those, related to religion, then it's difficult to get rational or to take some distance (i'm having trouble with my english here so sorry if what i'm trying to say is not very clear...)
But i'm very ignorant about many things and i agree : our ignorance serves our so-called "leaders".
got to go, i want to lessen my ignorance!!!
(english is not my natural language, so i hope i didn't say anything insulting or else...if so then i do apologize!!!)

10:01 PM  
Blogger matt said...

Hi Mazen

there's a demonstration tommorrow. I'll let you know how it is, and I'll try and spread the word.

Keep drawing, playing, drinking, talking, being human. We're listening and the that fact we can is everything. To know there is the light of these human fragile needs, in the face of the evil they have made.

10:38 PM  
Blogger boris said...

Hi Mazen

There was today in the Inner city a small and fro tomorrow there is a large demonstration taking place in Vienna / Austria.

11:05 PM  
Blogger b99 said...

I was just trying to express my ideas about war.
Today I woke up SICK and TIRED of all this. Tired to open the newspapers every morning and seeing the place I love most in the world is falling apart. And very sad for some friends in Lebanon that I won’t probably meet for sometime. And for all the people there. I’ve been there many times and I’m just realizing - day by day - what has been lost, destroyed. Lives. Smiles. Houses. Art. Music. Everything. Well, art is still alive with Mazen... but life is art, losing lives is losing some art as well
I was actually reading that comment you talk about right now and I find it very interesting. As soon as I will be done, I’ll probably send some other comments. But anyway, I did not ask to NOT LOOK for responsibilities. I just said I didn’t want to. Which is pretty much different. That post didn’t want to be a political something.
It was just a consideration on the Human Being. It’s a fact that has been discussed since the ancient Greeks...
I Did not try to point fingers to anybody...
And, by the way, I do believe – always and for ever – the truth is never ever on one side.
Ciao and take care. A true hug from Milan,

11:44 PM  
Blogger sybariter said...

foreverfree's link for the article on how the president of iran's speech was misrepresented should have been:

10:36 PM  

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