Saturday, August 12, 2006

a colorful poster for the streets of your city

dear all,
a lot of people are asking if they can print the poster with the war games (let's play).
please do. it is available in large format to download (click on it then enlarge it on flicker).
by the way, i repeat here for those who didn't look at all the archives:

you can use the drawings/music on my blog for any non-commercial printing (posters, flyers, emails, etc.) or airing (for the music) to help promoting the blog and thus to help the lebanese cause.
please do use the screen resolution for printing.
please do use them with NO editing/croping/mixing or anything else.
please do put my name AND the address of the blog next to it.

for those interested also, you can find ready to print and stick on your neighborhood walls A4 drawings on the link of my friend paul keller from amsterdam.


Blogger nickorname said...

mazen, we wanted to contribute to this cause. you can see the photos of your drawings in the halls of Lisbon at or blog

11:22 PM  
Blogger mr sterile said...

i just wanted to say that I have used your words from one of your drawing "every region s cut of from each other, the south villages are cut from bread," and a section of the starry night recording for a piece of music we have dedicated to you and the plight of the lebanese people.
you can hear it here , I have made links in our website and on the myspace page.
i hope peace returns to your life
I am deeply moved by what you are doing
in solidarity

2:59 AM  

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