Friday, August 04, 2006

another word of wisdom

another word of wisdom
tonight's word is from nayla

all of us
and each one of us
is guilty


Blogger For ever free said...

My dear Mazen,
Yes, we are all guilty, but to a variable degree... Some of us are guilty of not knowing, of keeping ourselves ignorant, mind-washed, without full conciousness of how murderous our ignorance is, how prone it make us to any irrational fear. Some other may go a little step further: they support the executioners because they do not take a moment to question their fear. In the name of fear they accept monstruosities like the supposed legitimacy of killing children because 'in war there are not innocents', or some allegedly righteous superiority claiming undisputed submission, things that they would never apply if against themselves. Then you have the executioner, the guy behind the trigger who has taken his/her fear to the following level and converted it into hatred. They praise their own abominations as a victory against an enemy they can not recognize anymore, an enemy who is more like a phantom polluting everything around... they may even pretend to act in the name of God but, of course, they can not stand nude of the blatant discourse, in front an honest mirror, and still deserve the air they breath. And then you have the plotters, the evil masters, the 'enlighted' elites pulling the threads of their frightened, raging puppets... conspirators who believe that no cost will ever be too expensive or moral good enough, as to question their selfish reasons and their dreams of greatness. So yes, we all are indeed guilty, because we let them put their words into our mouths, their paranoic tales into our hearts and their guns in the hands of our friends, our siblings or our children. By choosing to believe that being free was having a well stocked shopping nearby, we forgot the very basis of the liberty: the permanent exercise of questioning, understanding and questining again the former understanding.
Really, I do not believe that you are guilty of such a thing.
So how can be you, dear Mazen, victim and witness of exception of this permanent siege, or that little girl, washed down with white phosphorus when still wrapped in her cozy mickey mouse blanket, guilty of the most malicious plot ever seen since the Nazis?
I love you very much for the way you are facing this outrage: with passion, with art and with humanity. You demolish, simply by posting your drawings, what the enemies of our future try to convince us of. Thanks to you we learn and the whole people of the Middle-East recover through you their human stature, their richness and their beautiful shape. This war is definitely NOT your fault.

4:57 AM  
Blogger Riccardo Fiume said...

i used same words about Lebanon on july 24 here:
"tutti colpevoli" means "all guity"
what to add .....
i feel so impotent ....
take care (as u can)

10:59 PM  

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