Sunday, August 27, 2006

26th of august 2006

26th of august 2006

the blind birds
the roasted flesh
the stars' sound
beirut's sky
and from my tired eyes


Blogger Boaana said...

i spent my birthday in the cage named animal park, i have taken the annual subscription to visit sad creatures whenever for free and i expressed two complaints .. i asked in a written letter if people may be demanded not to behave as they are animals, so that animals could express themselves better in their home-space, named ZOO

artists may understand the best that creativity to would be expressed, demands a natural spirit non-limited by artificial obstacles.

people seem to be invaders by nature. letters must have been invented, because the only language we seem to understand is supremacy

it is a nice park. animals are not crowded. monkeys have real huge spaces. instead of ordinary cages, plexi-glass is used to protect also from the people's noise. there is a lot of attention given to the bird ibis and the wonderful eagel. it was my first visit i have been refusing consciously to pay a tribute to for four years.

animals appear to be healthy and there are babies, even a baby-elephant of one year. my little nephew and Yunni share the same birthday, the 2nd of August, but Yunni had been growing in the womb during 22 months before born.

a newspaper has been maintaining a collumn about the Z00-events. volunteers work there and also care for the animals.

i had a nice, some less sad day than in average. it helps to see other creatures of the world from nearby. it helps to look in their eyes and see the eternity desired as they also stare into the sky, observe the crowd. it helps to feel the responsibility for life and freedom stronger. it makes to wonder about the presence seriosuly.

yes, we, people, are not alone.!!

12:19 PM  
Blogger Boaana said...

.. and the elephants have a ground central warming. otherwise, they might have got sicken by rheumatism.

do you know people in the Mediterranian, why the responsibility to make peace and hold on it is so important??? are you there aware of your responsibility you have for the world and global politics. do you, people there also in Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Italy, Greece, Palestina, Lybia, Algeria, Tunisia, Montenegro, Albania, Spain, Malta, Al-Maghreib, Croatia, Slovenia .. did i forget anyone,

to stop fighting against each other with the fat egos and why we must make it clear to others that it is so important to all the Europe, and WE MUST SETTLE PEACE!!!

for name's sake, stop fighting, IDIOTS OF THE GLOBE!!!!

12:36 PM  

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