Monday, July 17, 2006

"israel has the right to defend itself"








Blogger Jim said...

mazen-thugs rule the world. i hope you and diane and evan stay safe. keep playing.

10:39 PM  
Blogger hjorleifur said...

In my country there has been no war for a thousand years. There is not alot of people there, there are not alot of trees there. When people die there it is usually because of really really really really bad weather. My heart bleeds for you and your people, for the victims of this unjustice and I cry because of the hypocracy of the western governments. The G8 met this week to decide who´s going to sell the weapons to kill small children in your country. According to the BBC, they will have a dance tomorrow night. There they will drink champagne, payed for by the blood of innocents. You are right. They are wrong. Your blog has given us all the hope that humanity can prevail. Thank you.

11:25 PM  
Blogger kpckpckpc said...

Hey Mazen man. Please leave Beirut man. Sorry to say this . You know more than me for suuuuure. But you are with your baby and family! And we all know that israel government and bush are just a bunch or murderers. They have no limits.They are fucked up man!!! they kill families or kids because of... what???? keep yourself and your family and as many people as you can save. You can come back and help when there are the conditions. Now the only thing you can do there si to scape to the bombs. No more.What else??? please come on...

2:33 AM  
Blogger joke said...

Mazen i'm going to send your blogside to newspapers in switzerland, the labenese ambassee in Bern and to other people here in switzerland. I'm trying to get a lebanese flag. i'm very sad what is going on. Today Thomas and Anna want to leave Syria, First they go to Damaskus, then to Amman to friends. I'll pray everygoing is going well. Please take care of yourself and your family

10:21 AM  

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