Monday, July 17, 2006


diane has registered us on the list of french citizens who whish to leave the country.

the problem is that i don't feel like leaving at all.

but in the same time, it is maybe better for evan.

i have to decide.




Blogger achim said...

hi Mazen

hard to decide - there is no right or wrong. Both ways will be difficult, but will have theire good sides too. You will have to go with your feelings, as far as this is possible under the circumstances.
Stay strong and take care



8:00 PM  
Blogger london girl blue said...

Dear Mazen
I don't know you. but i read your blog sent by a mutual friend.

THe question is difficult. stay to witness, risking death for you and your family or live to witness another day and speak out in places where you will have safety.

there are worse things than danger. worse things than death.

but only one's conscience and soul can lead them in their way.


many are with you. many are watching .
and like this forwarded blog, many are reading your words.


9:21 PM  
Blogger Trumpets of Jericho said...

... do as you feel but for me it would weight more that evan needs to have his dad by his side in these moments of confussion and the rest of his life... although it's your life and it sure is hard to leave everyone else behind. But I definately would go for evan's safety. hEY he might become the best sax player in the world ! you shouldn`t miss that chance :)paula from madrid.

10:21 PM  
Blogger Maria Küchen said...

Children should live safely. That´s what peace is for. Much as I need your images from Lebanon now, I´d also need to know that one more child is safe.

... and ... the world needs more sax players ...

... raise sax players, not gunners ...

... ...

10:50 PM  

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