Monday, July 17, 2006

message in a bottle

dear friends and family from lebanon and abroad,

i am receiving tons of supportive emails everyday. thank you all. we really need your eyes and ears.
i am trying as much as possible to answer everybody.
however, some questions are common to all, and i think it is relevant to answer to the most asked one here.

to the question: "how can we help?"

the answer is: speak.

speak about the shit happening here. speak with your family. with your friends. with people you don't know. in a bar, a restaurant, at work. with the people in the streets. talk to everybody. talk to buildings.
from here, it seems for us that no one in the whole world cares for those fucking burned children corpses.

ps: our swiss friend, musician markus eichenberger ordered a lebanese flag and is going to put it on his balcony. he asked all his friends to do so. i don't know where the fuck they find lebanese flags in zurich but it seems like a cool thing to do. after the mondial, all europe exchange their flags for the -ugly- lebanese one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello Mazen.

(ok, in english this time).

when i was a child we were always listening about the name of Beirouth in the news. of course at these times, it was only the name of a distant place. now, it's associated with to some friends under the bombs.
i would like that all the people who are the same age of us make a such association. maybe that would help.

please continue drawing.
please continue making jokes.
but most of all, take care.


(yes : speak speak write write send tons of fucking emails)

9:34 PM  
Blogger Maria Küchen said...

Close to where we live in Stockholm there is a small industry, they make flags. I´ll go there and place my order. Not that it´ll turn me Lebanese, but there is a line in the musical Chess (yes, I mean the musical Chess by the ABBA guys) that goes: "My land´s only borders lie around my heart." I like that line.

& I really hope you keep on blogging, as I will be
following your work eagerly. (It would be wrong to say it makes me "happy", happiness it not the right word in this general context, but in a way it actually does. It´s essential work of art, you know that. I hope.)

9:48 PM  
Blogger Trumpets of Jericho said...

A los españoles que leais esto: por aqui se estan ya viendo trapos blancos colgados de las terrazas y ventanas. Mi hermano y yo ya hemos puesto uno bien grande, os animo a que hagais lo mismo y que hagais correr la voz

....BLOW IT LOUD!!!!!!

Paula, Madrid

10:28 PM  
Blogger berlinbeirut said...

hi mazen

im checking every 2 hours if youre posting something new, to be sure that youre still there and YOU ARE
were with you in our thoughts and heart all day
i have a white peace flag already out of my window
ill see if i can get the lebanese and place it next to it

take care


11:11 PM  
Blogger Sara Gebran said...

Great Mazen, I didn't think about it in my helpless thinking of what could we do for Lebanon: BIG FLAGS, SMALL FLAGS, EMAIL FRIENDS WITH A FLAG ATTACHMENT... But what else? I know Tournasol theatre in Beirut (Ward El Shams Theatre) is holing meetings with all citizens of all of religion, please join too, try to "Unify" Lebanon.
In my dance performance the 23. & 24. of August in Copenhagen, I will hang the Lebanese flag too, and I like to hang in the entrance hall of the theatre all the text and pictures I have been receiving by emails, including yours if you wish, so if you have more you want me to use for that purpose please feel free to do tell me. Besides I will include a peace line in the program.
Peace for Lebanon
Sara Gebran

12:33 AM  
Blogger mbullock said...

Here's a Lebanese flag for starters:

Like Yannick, I grew up with Beirut (as we spell it in the US) in the news, and it was just a far away place that was only in the news when there was some fighting going on. Though I'm unhappy and distracted worrying about my friends there, I'm glad that I have that personal connection anyway, no matter what. Keep it up Mazen! And maybe keep it up from France, so you can be with your son.

12:50 AM  
Blogger Farid said...

I have never bothered to write to anything. the fuck for? no one ever listens anyway.

But this is different. i'm writing to assure you ya mazen that what your doing, writing to the outside world about your hell of each moment, is more powerful than those asshole politicians who do nothing but blame each other all day.

what the fuck do they know. they eat, sleep and drink greed. they will never be free. you are free in your mind and heart. they are the ones who will pay a heavy price in this life or after.

The real victims is "our generation". we got fucked twice, now three times. First was we grew up during the war, then we got fucked with the economy we had to rebuild, then fucked again now for a long time.

Please dont stop writing. so that one day Evan and millions like him will learn what we had to go thru to provide them with a life of logic, normality and freedom.


4:49 AM  
Blogger tropish said...

By wearing a Lebanese flag may my soul be with all of you lebanese people, may your suffering be with me and may we all sentient beings be under the same flag, the flag of humanity.
julio (spain)

2:22 PM  
Blogger dornightwind said...

If it will be a kind of comfort for you, I think that your flag is much prettier than most of the European flags, maybe even more than the Israeli one.

(I'm an Israeli, by the way, and no, I'm not gonna describe you my shelter - I live near Tel Aviv, we had no fun yet).

Two red stripes and a tree - who needs more anyway?

(People like you keep me sane).

3:14 AM  

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