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Blogger Mickie Schtick said...

Hello Mazen,
I live in Sydney, Australia in a part of the city unofficially known as "Little Lebanon" for all the Lebanese restaurants squeezed into one small strip. Our neighbours are understandably very distressed about the news from the big Lebanon, as too are we. Myself and some other artists run a space called 'SYDNEY' ( in a shopfront that is next door to all the Lebanese restaurants. I would like to print out your excellent drawings (using the Original Size on Flickr) and exhibit them in the front window of our space. Would this be okay with you? I believe my neighbours and all passers-by will really appreciate them.

You can contact me directly here:

I hope you are safe and well,
Mickie Quick

6:32 AM  
Blogger mazen (old profile) said...

please go ahead.
all the world must see/hear what is happeneing to us. especially the lebanses expatriate (who are more than 14 millions in the world, and lestt than 5 in lebanon!)
say hello to the artists from sydney

12:22 PM  

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